What do we offer?

Intelligent Technology

i4files uses secure, encrypted cloud storage technology with advanced techniques and tools for electronic document management and relational and non-relational databases. It allows a more accurate and agile search of information. It also provides a layer of artificial intelligence in document identification and search, as well as in the user interface.

Information Security

i4Files is an advanced system that can store, track and retrieve all your documents and digital assets in an organized, easy and secure way. It has a comprehensive system of authorization of access to information and resource management. You can create different levels of access and assign each user to a specific role. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all your documents and digital assets are stored and will be retrieved safely.

Support in the organization and management of information

Our team is composed of qualified and experienced professionals in the information management industry. We have knowledge and understanding of legislation, standards, practices and trends in electronic document management. This allows us to present solutions that optimize the flow of information in your company, resulting in economy, agility and efficiency.

Sustainability - taking care of the environment together

One of the main values a company has today is being pro-active in promoting a harmonious relationship with the environment. When replacing paper documents or the use on-premises servers with documents stored in the cloud, one of the first gains is environmental sustainability. The result is a radical reduction or even the complete elimination of printing and the transport of documents. We use technology to bring synergy between document management and the environment.

Automated workflow wizard

i4files is the ultimate solution for managing your company's workflow. It provides an intelligent workflow tool that helps create and manage every workflow. Once the workflow is created, whenever you upload, sort, and store a document, the system will automatically distribute it to everyone involved in the process. A communication sequence can also be triggered instantly to inform other users and request actions when needed. You'll be free of sending emails, text messages, or making phone calls to inform, track, or request actions whenever a document is received. i4files will do the work for you.

History tracking

An internal monitoring feature ensures that all accesses are logged and can be traced back to a single user. You have exact control of who uploaded, labeled, viewed, retrieved, discarded, or shared each document in your company.

Flexible plans

Say goodbye to expensive yearly contracts. The platform has low monthly costs, which vary according to the amount of users with access and the space used to store documents. You pay for what you use while you're using it.


- Resources

Upload and download documents; offering OCR and search from different labels.
Search for texts (keywords) from anywhere in the document.
Collaboration tools with groups or individuals, allowing you to edit and add information that will help you recover the document.
File in a central repository.

- Benefits

Access documents anywhere, anytime.
Protects sensitive documents from unauthorized access.
Ability to integrate with other important systems, such as CRM, accounting and personnel (HR).
Data security against external threats (hackers and data breaches) and internal threats (employee theft). "Zero data loss" guaranteed by the latest protocols and methodologies.
Inclusion of "scanning and imaging of documents", so that the user can scan and sort documents using keywords.
Support and integration with project management software and collaboration between several teams of an organization.
Applications for smart devices, which are the future in document management. Availability at your fingertips.